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Faith Community Nursing Study

Introductory Letter

Hello, my name is Chris Weidle many of you know me. I have been a parishioner here in Oil City my entire life. I am a nurse, and I am inviting you to take part in an online survey I am conducting in coordination with Clarion University. I am a student at Clarion and Edinboro University’s,  and I am in the process of obtaining a Doctoral of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree.  I am pleased to invite any and all parishioners the age of 18 and over to participate in this survey.  This program is called “Faith Community Nursing Ministry”. The purpose of this study is to attempt to measure the participants knowledge of a faith community health program. It will also be used to identify future health care topics based on your interests. I plan to eventually start a faith-based health care ministry in our parish community.

I originally wanted to tell you about this ministry face to face, however, due to COVID restrictions and safety precautions I am asking you to participate and learn more about this ministry by accessing it on the internet. It is a very simple process and it can be accessed by typing in the link that is listed below into any internet browser. This link can also be easily accessed if you go to  the Oil City Catholic Website and click on the link provided. This survey will take approximately 30 to 35 minutes to complete. Then there is a 20-minute video within the survey that explains the ministry program. After you watch the video there will another section of questions to answer. This link is presently available and open for you to use today and it will be open for the next three weeks and the last day to assess this survey will be May 23rd.  I want to make sure you know your participation is completely voluntary and anonymous, you will not be able to be identified in any way.

I ask that you seriously consider participating in this on-line survey.  I am very excited to start this ministry within our church community and look forward to all the possibilities it may provide. I also appreciate you assisting me on my doctorial project and journey. If you have any questions, I have my ministry business cards available, with my phone number and the link to the survey on the back of the card for you in the church pews and  exits if you are interested. Thank you for your time and attention.